Friday, May 27, 2016

A Sonnet

A Lull…

Ma, when the din becomes
a lull
at the day’s end-
When I put my head on the pillow,
your prayer book
resting next to my head-


In the scarf you wore for years-
as you sat down to pray for us all
gives me repose, succor and subterfuge-
very serene...

Is it the calm of the womb? I wonder-
and feel-

Yes, it is.

Pushpinder Kaur                                   May 26, 2016

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Take the Plunge!

                                                            Take the Plunge!

Thanks to Facebook, it has been wonderful to get connected with old friends and colleagues- who one might think to be lost to oneself forever! There being no hope of ever getting connected with them- but no, there you are- one fine day, out of nowhere, you may get a 'friend request' which may open a plethora of innumerable precious memories, adding an unexpected fragrance into your lives.

Having received a similar friend request yesterday, I invited this old colleague and friend, who happens to be placed in Singapore presently, to come on Skype- but prompt came the reply, "I am not so Computer savvy, Pushpinder- can only send and receive emails- am totally dependent on others to set up stuff for me!"

I so understood what she meant- could well empathize and absorb the frustration, anger and disappointment as I was in much the same situation a little more than two years ago! But getting back to my teaching career after a long gap of 10 was time to rediscover that 'there is nothing such as being a good teacher'- learning and teaching are ongoing and never- ending processes. It is all the more important to be a 'good learner' than to be a 'good teacher' and the former is all the more important for the latter.

Having the advantage of being a fast typist and typed a number of essays on criticism, the chapter of 'Improving one's Computer Skills' did not appear an impossible one. So thereon started my new crusade- determined to be a success at my new teaching relocation, and undergoing the several harrowing experiences of not being as proficient in the Computer skills as teachers of today are expected to be, I knew I had to embark on a challenging journey.

My students were my best guides, sharing a mutually good rapport they knew my limitation and were generous enough to cooperate, willing to assist me during Break time, after school or even before the Registration time to "help out Miss." There was no shame in learning and being absolutely honest with the students. As long as there is an honest urge, it is respected.

So alongside the moments of cold sweat, there were more positive learning moments when each skill was duly comprehended, accepted as a part of the complete teaching and learning experience and there was no looking back! Waking up at 3 am to prepare Lessons for each class 'on the Computer' was a rewarding experience indeed!

Hail my friend! We have been connected after a long gap of 15 years- yes, the world has changed. Let us take longer leaps and wider strides and catch up! You may be surprised, like myself, one day- to have your own youtube Channel and a Blog!

It is exciting! Today, my new platform, the 'Online Teaching' is my new vocation- which I have dedicated myself to wholeheartedly and trust me, it is a new satisfaction. My next target- soon to be achieved- the setting of my Website, which shall be a valuable channel to merge into the ever going stream of knowledge, is solely indebted to the intense feeling of insufficiency about the techno skills of the day.

It's never too late- harness yourselves and take the plunge!    

Hello there!