Monday, June 1, 2020



Time and tide wait for none… it is only our good fortune if the tide is in our favour. Sometimes what appears to be against us may turn around to be on our side! The concept of ‘Online Tutoring’ with which I restarted my teaching journey having taught for 25 years seemed like taking a leap into the dark, into the unknown and the unseen. Having had no experience of online tutoring, I took the plunge keeping my faith in God, my own dedication to my chosen profession and my motivation to keep the torch of education lit forever, which led to New Horizons. Having embarked upon this journey five years back, never did I imagine that it would be the future, which the present times have shown to have come true. The present circumstances of the pandemic have made e-learning the need of the day and something which had started as my dream has now become a reality worldwide!

Kaur Online English pursues its mission of reaching beyond all boundaries- “across borders and across all barriers” and dedicates its services in the field of education with all vigour, enthusiasm and commitment. As this is a totally personalized and individualized Website, the uploads are made regularly and consistently. Discussions of Past Examination Papers and Board Examination Preparation including IELTS, SAT and TOEFL are areas of special focus for the Online Sessions.

Special Features

The E-book Section facilitates the availability of Tutor Notes, which are completely personalized and prepared through an intensive study and valuable research and experience. They include valid and in-depth critical analysis required for the understanding of every essential element in Literature, including Poetry, Prose, Drama and Fiction/Non-Fiction.

There are specimen pieces of writing based on different forms and structures which shall provide useful guidelines to the students initiating them to improve their writing skills both in English Language and Literature. Detailed Notes on a variety of texts and authors both for English Language and Literature are based on the interactive lesson conducted Online, thus bear proof of teacher-student Input. Prepared with focus on the core requirements of every Syllabus, the detailed Notes are very helpful to the students for a competent examination preparation and are uploaded regularly. The most important feature of the Notes is that they consist of bullet points in order to initiate an effective critical insight without depriving them of their originality.

E-learning during the enforced circumstances following COVID-19 knowledge and learning have evidenced new achievements. This period of trial has proven that there is no stopping to learning… it is a tide that must take its leap no matter what!