Wednesday, May 30, 2018


                             FOR OLD TIMES' SAKE...

It was such a lovely chance meeting with one of my old students, whom I taught about fifteen years back! I had merely stepped down my building and I banged into her. It was instant recognition despite the difference in both of us. Time shows its impact in more ways than one- no matter what the relative sizes, or the colour of the eyes or the hair, it took no time for us to recognise each other. I am certain that it meant a lot for us both as she was surprised that I still remembered her: "Hey, Miss, you still remember me?... You remember all of that?"

"Of course, I do!" was my instant reply. 

The bond between a teacher and the students is a special one, for those who care about it. It is carved through the mutual bondings of learning, correcting and grooming; it involves so many moments of sharing, counselling and cherishing- in short, it is a treasure house of priceless memories. 

I could see the instant, genuine and wide grin on my face as I saw her; what sent a special wave of happiness was that just with one stroke, I was carried so many years back the memory lane. I was their From Tutor and their English Language and Literature Teacher, who took them from Year 9 to Year 11, and guided them for their GCSE Boards. Back in the time, there were seven Units of Coursework for the students, which used to be a mammoth task. I still remember for their Language Analysis Unit, they were given to analyse the language of the 'Songs' with relation to the cultural and social significance! Oh my God! It was a challenge both for the students and us.

However, no experience is ever lost- but is rather engraved in our memory as a rich resource which makes us feel well anchored and rich.

There were so many moments that rolled back into my mind. I was then, fifteen years younger; full of the passion for teaching (which is still alive with the Grace of God)  and remember having trained them for the Group Performance on the Sports Day, which ended with them obtaining the Trophy for the best Group Performance.

The brief meeting ended with the exchange of telephone numbers; as for myself, I look forward to a Reunion with all my former students who are still here in Dubai and I was told there are quite a few. I have messaged her for the same and await eagerly the time that shall be a plunge into the years gone by...for old times' sake!