Thursday, March 31, 2016

An Article on the changing faces of Nature

                Nature writes a new page every fraction of a second!

In the wake of the recently flooded UAE due to heavy rains, the residents experienced different scenarios. While some had to wade through water- clogged areas, undergoing horrendous experiences with children stranded in the buses for hours due to the flooding in the low-lying areas, others were awestruck  viewers, glued to the multi- mode media information. The torrential rainfall, high velocity winds, flash floods, and electricity shutdowns brought a wave of shock to one and all. However, the ceaseless rescue operations by the Civil Defence Personnel and the RTA brought relief to the diverted traffic, stranded for hours.

There is known to be a calm before the storm- so, just a few days before the heavy rains, the UAE residents were left mesmerised by the unedited splash of color bonanza across the sky! Nature’s gifts are boundless as are the furies- there are always two sides of a coin! Nevertheless, Nature writes a new page every fraction of a second, bringing endless solace and succour to the restless human minds.

                                                         The calm before the storm!

                     A heavenly view of the Dubai Creek under the rainbow of Nature’s hues!

                                                            Beauty beyond words!

The plethora of colours witnessed across the sky over the past one week, was, at the same time, an anticipatory prologue to the forthcoming flooding in the UAE. Life was brought to a standstill in many areas. Although the rescue operations were praiseworthy, yet, it is an undeniable fact that the sewage conditions need to be upgraded. A region, which is unaccustomed to deal with such heavy volumes of rain, needs to gear up, as anything may be expected in the face of Global Warming. A number of videos were on air, taking the world by a surprise, “How come roads get flooded in what has been a desert?” “What is happening to Dubai?” was a general message pouring in from all corners of the globe by people concerned. “Are you guys alright?” was the broad query.

The hail storm that hit the UAE, a couple of weeks back bears witness to the same.  One thing that all the residents have learnt is that it is more important to look to the Land than the Sky; more important to have unclogged roads than the myriad of beautiful Skyscrapers that no doubt make us proud of the development of the city skyline, yet there are more important issues at the baseline.

                   May the heavens shower their peaceful rays of sunshine on God’s Oasis forever!

Mrs Pushpinder Kaur
A Dubai Resident

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